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World's Ugliest Website I believe I have found it

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How when when we're talking about the worlds worst website, all of the worst seem to be religous websites. Lol! Jesus is learning HTML everyone, watch out.....

http://www.angelfire.com/super/badwebs/ - This one was made as a learning experience, it's actually made that way purposly.

10 Links, then we'll open a poll for this.


No it was updated yesterday. He fixed a div tag which moved the door over. Before you couldnt see the door it was off the screen on the left.


EYE SORE ALERT! It seriously hurts the eyes when you stay there for more than 2 seconds! And what's the point with that running cat? And the ladder? I honestly think the graphics are irrelevant to one another. Im not saying it's the WORST in the world. It's just bad. It needs serious renovation.SOMEONE HELP THE GUY OUT! PLEASE! :P


Ouch my eyes! They almost fall out.By the time the background loads, I fainted.By the time I wake up, I find my mother fainted beside me,and then when I look at the screen again, I fainted again.After I wake up again, My computer's screen is black because the computer can't stand it too.I spent $94 to fix it.. lol


Ow... I was blinded for a few seconds there.He/She really needs to get a book on website designing.


Not even a book. I mean at least a brain. Most people, i would say majority, know what HURTS to look at. I mean it would be like me making a site with ALL BRIGHT green colors on everything with bright orange and purple. It's just not pretty.


Very bad way to show good things. What the webmaster thoughts about himself, I think he must have a childish brain.


OMG that background will blow my head away. I think that there should be warning like on porn pages. "if you dont like your eyes and you dont need them anymore, enter here" ;)


I think I found it...

This is the ugliest and most annoying website you will ever see... Well, at least it is for me ;)


red flag

Oh good lord! (pardon the pun) I went "Aaaah!" the moment the background loaded.
Oh, might I add that, interestingly, rainbow is the current "color" for gay people? (It used to be pink but times have changed ;)) I so wonder how "happy" and "gay" was the developer (sic) of that page.


Rainbows are also trippy though. Espically if it moves like that. I agree it is a ridiculous and terrible webiste. Hurts ppl's eyes and looks fruity indeed. I 'm also athiest so it prolly wouldt work out well.


woh... totally killer dude... its painfull yet... addicting.. i cant stop staring at the colors .... tis strange... and if you notice that the links... they disappear for a second when the blue gets to them.... its.. weirdironically enough... now we can all say we know what hell looks like ;)

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I thought that was the best website i have ever seen....hah lol. Anyway wow that background sucked. What was with the bird and cats walking around. That kind of page wants to make me sick. I have never seen a worse page than that one. What was with the rainbow thing going across that page constantly? Anyway if i find a worse site, which i doubt, i will post it. lol.


I wish they would make a phpbb forum template/theme to match! Wow it would look fricken awesome! Anyone find anything yet?


Jajaja yep, the worst site ever made ! Now i can't sleep anymore :P


wow! what crack addict made that peice of crap? a jesus loving fool...


Doesnt anyone have anything to up he anti on the worst site ever? I want to see some more ugly *bottom* sites! WEll if not then i guess he wins. I will give it one more week.




I have found an ALMOST equally ugly website




check it. I think this is pretty dang nasty.


Whoa, this is actually one of the uglyiest sites i ever saw. Wonder what was this person tention just to do this site. Could be a good reasons to send it to people that he doesn't like. I think its "welcome to twilight zone" lol. Eyes hurt!!!


It's ok to be religious, but not that religious. Nobody who likes Jesus that much would try to kill our eyes


indeed its the ugliest website i hav ever been.dunno y d webmaster built it so disgusting way.n the background ???yaaaaaaaaaaaak this tells me color combination sud be chosed wisely...at least i think so


I can not believe NO ONE else has found any other disgusting sites! Come on, i know you people surf the web haha. I have found 2 really good/bad websites so far. So get going people!