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World's Ugliest Website I believe I have found it

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holy smoke, that jesus site, im getting a freaking headace of it, holy crap... how can u be so... uhm, well lets be polite, so bad in making sites :lol: even my father can make better sites then that (trust me, he isnt good either) well, now I need to get myself a paracetamol :lol:


If i ever teach a website class this will always be my What Not To Do example=] Both of the ones i submitted and showed you are horrible and perfect for web teachers everywhere!

Ridwan sameer

This thinkg blindedme i was unable to close the page. i asked mymom to close her eyes and close the page Bwuck only te background s bad. i like the way the down te door is you click on that and it is a lin k


That was a really really bad site lol... Killed the eyes, the ears lol... if websites could smell, it probably would have killed that sense too :lol:Plus, right after I closed out of the window... it gave me a browser error and it forced shut my other pages I had open. So I'm obviously going to blame that one on the bad website too lol... it's all it's fault :lol:Usually for bad sites, I can critique it, to find out what I would have done differently, and possibly find something that I like about it too, but I was too focussed on having to close that window to keep my sanity in check that actually taking the time to critique it.Mind you, the little link at the side that flashed a "best sites" or something to that effect link was rather amusing, considering the site it was on lol.


i now have a head ache after visiting that site....lol..wow...ill see if i can find worse than it...


There've been tons of sites that are quite ugly, from a webhost, to a perscription site, to the site mentioned by the original poster. However, I believe you can find worse sites on YTMND.com if you really dig deep.


Yuck that was horrible. and the background music.. what was that?????????


That site in the first post was pretty nasty. Those rainbow colors were making my eyes die...for an ugly site, I'd probably say my high school's. I can't give a link to it, but it's pretty generic and bad looking.


I would have to say that website is really bad my eyes are still recovering over all the colors. I think the web master was thinking about how christans are always happy and that all the colors in the rainbow represent good that is what i believe.

Here is a site that is really bad i have been telling my school to let me redesign for free!! but they always say no.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)Some sites are purposefully ugly to demonstrate some kind of point. Other sites are simply created by people with no real knowledge of design aesthetics. Is it their fault? Not at all! A person will only learn if they want to know, and if they feel that their site is beautiful, it's hard to change that. It's one of the problems of the Internet. Popular trends dictate what beauty is, and as time wears on, those who stay with trends of the past are going to be subjected to this name-calling all because they didn't keep up. Sites can be well-designed without looking particularly beautiful. Look at Google! That's the sort of beauty that really matters ;)


that was was was.....*vomits*


I think I found it...
This is the ugliest and most annoying website you will ever see... Well, at least it is for me ;)http://www.jimmyr.com/internets_ugliest_website/

Did you notice that it took three weeks to build that site? I wonder if most of that was looking for the Background??? ;)


Yeah really this is so awful. Hopefully it is different in paradise. Otherwise many would rather stick to the red color of Devil. :unsure:


I don't really rate websites as ugly based on their web design. I rat ethem ugly and horrible based on the CONTENT of the site. So I can't post the sites I think are ugly because they are VERY inappropriate, and I never meant to stumble upon them in the first place.And that site wasn't too bad.... I'm sure many people will find it inspiring. The web design's not that bad, and the content is nice, so I don't find it ugly.


I stumbled upon this website today: http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/
I believe strongly this is the ugliest website on the earth. This is uglier then the websites that tell you examples of what an ugly website looks like. Please, if you see a worse website post it here. I would love to see some ugly websites!

Lol I love that site! :unsure: Just kidding. It's ugly. Arrgh, the colour it burnt my eyes. Seziure alert, Seziure alert!


im so glad i had not been drinking before seeing that. hee heei dont think ive seen anything that bad before and ive seen some strange sites


Wow, mucho ugly.As weird as it sounds that site has one excellent design point; I've never seen an animated gif move so smooth as the swan does. The again animated gifs are no longer "cool" to use.


I HAd to shut my eyes as soon as it opened, so i couldn't really see the website till i hit backspace ! hehe


Eeeww, Yuck!! That's disgusting.It is like a full hypnosising machine, I was ghoing to sleep when watching this ugly rainbow.Dude, you must contact the makers of this website, and tell them an example of a nice website, and how they can do it very simply with html, of corse without the sick-maker background


MY EYES, MY BEAUTIFUL EYES! They should have a warning before you see the site.

Definitely, for people prone to seizures.

I really do have a headache now. Why is there a dove flying around that's ten times bigger than the text? I saw a site a lot like this on webpagesthatsuck.com (it too wanted me to accept Jesus and had flashing colors), but this is worse. Far worse. When I see sites like that I wonder what the designers think of it. They probably think it's great.