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World's Ugliest Website I believe I have found it

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Those website examples are loud and obnoxious.I'm sure theres worse out there though.If the Jesus sight didn't blind me,I would have liked to see if therewas a visitors counter just out of curiosity.Sometimes the uguly things are the most fascinating to people.


Ouch! My eyes hurt. That site was horrible. My eyes did not focus on the text but rather, it focused on the rainbow colored background that keeps on moving. Looking at it too long gave me a headache. It's a poorly constructed site, in my opinion.


Oh my god... Never before has anything so horrid burned my eyes so severely. It was painful, seriously painful. I may have to take a break, or a nap to ease my aching head. But yes, that was the worst website ever. I never knew anything could be THAT bad. I've seen some bad sites. But Oh My God. Even god would disapprove...


Some of the most craziest examples I've ever seen in my life. For better or worse, I've been around the net since the middle of 98, and I can tell you that I've seen some wicked things that outdo even the examples in this thread. Too bad(?) most of them have disappeared since then though...Anybody remember Xoom hosting? That was a prime source of terrible site design if there ever was one. Sheesh.


I almost got a headache.. I wonder how you stumbled across this one ?I did not know they thought web design in kindergarten I think I can volunteer and help them design a better website.


It may be the best site for pot-heads and hippies.


It appears to be an example of the myspace school of design. I've seen worse but mostly in terms of bright colours on brighter backgrounds with flashing lights everywhere. You wonder who lets these people near computers....


Dear God man! This is almost as bad as my website. I think the site's webmaster is trying to put viewers into either epileptic shock or zombie-like stupor. Or both. The easier to reel them in. Thanks for sharing this hideous image. It will take years to undo the damage this site has done to our collective psyche! LOL :D


lol, i figured if you stare at that ugly back ground for more than a minute you come back to Xisto you can still taste the rainbow. oh god oh lord forgive me for my saying but, that is defenately the worst website i can imagine, i think i may be going to hell :D but these are facts the website sucks its horrible comes to times when we start thinking of the reasons why others stop going to church i think this is one of the causes.


wow..thats one helluva of a wicked site!!Does the owner know he has won this award?!!!


Erm Ugliest No.... the most Annoying site I have ever seen... [CORRECT]


These kinds of websites, from people that have little knowledge on making websites (which doesn't mean they aren't trying hard), are usually this way. They pick up random things, images from random places and put them in (remember the simpsons episode where Homer makes a webpage? they could pretty similar). Also, did you enter by any chance the main page? Because that one isn't the main page. The main page is very long, it's filled up with images, lots of text, and it seems it has no end. Also, being no christian, I don't like this web.


Beware people with epilepsy! This side can give you a really bad attack! I agree there should be some kind of warning (with a plain white background and black letters) before entering the site. This is far more serious than porn! :D It reminds me of the sites people used to design back in 1998 or so. I couldn't stand it enough to find the date anywhere but probably it was abandoned a decade ago :DBTW I also hate sites with a lot of white text on a black background. Don't you? But... This site definitely gets the prize for the most eye defying site!Also... Did you consider that with all our visits it's gonna get a very good ranking :P There's a saying in PR that says something like: make them talk about you good or bad, doesn't matter much. What's important is to get their attention towards you.


Lol if you go through the comments some one made a award for the owner of the site to let him know we are very pleased with it and that it doesn't need any more improving LOL :D


Wow, that site was absolutely amazing, especially the ever looping background that i though was gonna be the last image i ever saw. Although it looks so terrible and unappealing, i just couldn't stop looking, then i saw the cat in the bottom left corner and nearly laughed my butt off. It receives my vote for least BEST website ever! Congratulations dokimos.org/ajff!!!


Ouch my eyes still hurt me O.o . Totally horrible with out any sense of design. It's ugly but trust me I've seen worst xD!


You are dead right about the website. I would consider it as one of the most ugliest web design (interms of looks and it is annoying), I am sure there are many more.

In terms of web design, it is definitely the worst. Changing colours like that does not attract computer users, it is totally annoying and does no positive effect on making the viewers want to see the content - more to the colours than content. It may attract people from a long range as it is a sign of interest, but when you look closely it's just no good.

Such web design does not make anyone beleive in Jesus, instead, it may give a wrong and negative effect about Jesus. I beleive content in this case would be much more appropiate. Lead people in by giving information about why people should beleive in Jesus in a clear and orderly manner. Probably the exact opposite of the website stated by BooZker: http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/ . The words on the page talks about sin and death. In what ways does the music represent that, it seems more like a funful and enjoyable sin and death event. Well this give a bad impression of what and who Jesus is and what Jesus had done.

Anyway, it is just the worst.


LOL--That is...Wow.It's ugly as hell and yet I can't look away. It's like the Kramer painting on Seinfeld.


whats up with there background? their site is for religion and it just doesn't feel right! the topic.... the texts.... the ads..... lol "best viewed with internet explorer"Everything in the site doesn't feel right!!!!!just awful..


Oh my god!!! Can someone please report this potentially health hazards to whichever body that might be in charge. Arghhh!!!