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Changing Domain Whois Information dont have privacy guard for this domain...

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Hello!Is it safe to change domain's whois info? specially the email part. I want them to know, who owns the domain but I want different email to show up.Is changing infos fine? or bad?Thank you,kerco


I have never done it, but a friend has changed her email and it all worked out fine.You can do that where the Domain is registered, I believe.


Allright thank you, I was worried they take down my website if I touch that. I'm not really familiar with TLD rules.:) but I know some TLD's has restrictions.So what do you do here at Xisto if I get caught? e.g. .ASIA is for asians and .CO.UK are for european citizens. will you take my domain away from me? :P


There is no problem in changing the email address but you should not mess around with the address unless you are changing it to the correct, accurate address. Because if you write the wrong address and are caught, the domain registrars are allowed to cancel your domain registration.. Not sure whether you are permanently banned from registering that domain. If you have any doubts you can always contact support and ask them the details about what,why and how you can change certain details in your account.