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Domain Registrations And Transfers

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I’m sure that most of them are aware that domains vary in cost. For example .com domain is 9 dollars where as .cc domain is 25 dollars, now why is this variation?? Why can’t all domains be of same price? Moreover what is the superiority of one domain over the other?? All are merely extensions nah? Moreover I have a very big doubt about transferring of domain names. For example if u have registered a .com domain with the help of one registrant and if I want to change it to another registrant, I go through a particular process in which I am asked for a code. This code is provided to me by the old registrant, and while transferring to the new registrant I give this code to the new registrant, so that the domain transfer can be made, this is applicable only for domains such as .com etc.I was shocked seeing that the transfer of domains for some other extent ions, example .cc need not be provided with this code, for example if I have to transfer a particular domain name with .cc extension from a old registrant to a new registrant, all I have to do is go to the new registrant and apply for domain transfer, during this process the Code is not required. So my question her is, what is the security?? If this is the scenario every one can go and transfer the domain names (which actually don’t belongs to them) to some registrant and thereby can have a change in the domain name servers too, and they can own the domain right?? In simple words without this security code for domain transfer, stealing of domain names will be possible nah?? Please if some one have a better idea about this let me know.


Odds are there is more to it then the ability to transfer a domain, such as the fact you would need to change out the dns number where the domain was purchase. Of course, each domain registration website has their own rules on how a domain transfer is suppose to be done because if there wasn't then there would be chaos as big name websites would belong to someone else. I think the only people who could really answer that question would be someone from ICANN and of course that is why a lot of big name companies try to buy as many domains with the same as possible to prevent people from trying such a tactic.