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Is It Possible To Pay With Negative Balance?

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The Simpleton

Hmm xisto domain search is saying that the domain name is available while godaddy is saying that it is an invalid one :( I don't really understand what is going on, but I think it does have something to do with the .in TLD itself. I'm now waiting for the support team to reply. They were quick to say that the domain is invalid, but they haven't given a solution yet. Well, can't really blame them , as it a sunday! Looks like both me and my friend are losing the competition, but at least I'm the one who almost got there! :angel:


It's too bad to hear that kasperooney. btw, this .in means a domain for a country India?


Looks like both me and my friend are losing the competition, but at least I'm the one who almost got there! :(

The Simpleton

yes .in is the TLD for India, in the same way as .uk, .us, .jp are TLDs for the United Kingdom, the US and Japan respectively :angel: I don't know about the other countries' TLDs but .in domains are costlier than .com domains (they're double the price - $18.99 per year as compared to $9.99 per year). But they are convenient to use because they cater to a specific caudience and tells you which country the owner is from :(

Alex Cicala

I wouldn't know for sure, but I'm guessing that you wouldn't be able to continue using your website account, it will probably be disabled. Always make sure you have enough MyCents to pay for the months invoice.

The Simpleton

well the story's over guys....the reason due to which I wasn't able to book my domain is that there is a rule stating that all .in domains must have a minimum of three characters in them and the one I was trying to book had two. I was thinking quite a lot till then that why didn't someone book this one ages ago! But it turns out that I'm the fool at this end :excl: I wasn't aware of that rule. It's okay for .com domains to have only 1 character but I don't really know why they made this strange rule in the case of .in domains.


Anyway the deal's off; my balance has been restored and my account is healthy again :( But I must admit it was a great few days filled with excitement and what-not! And with all you guys looking interested too I wanted to write my victory story here but it turned out to be a flop show! :angel: All i got was a little bit of G.K. regarding domain registration rules and the answer to my initial question, Is it possible to pay with negative balance?' is that you can take the risk for a maximum of 24 hours, and after that your order may be canceled, along with your xisto account!


I'm not taking risks like that anymore. I'm waiting for a few days to pump up my balance and I'm off to buy my third .com domain. Rest assured that there won't be any stories like this one about that!!!! Goodbye my dream .in domain.........

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