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When Will I Get My Website Setup From Xisto?

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I ordered the "logic plan" for $1.95 a month. I picked my own domain (a .com website not a .trap17.com website). i have about $1.95 left. will i get it set up still even though i chose the .com website?


do you order the domain from xisto or you chose to use your own domain?btw, ask xisto too. You'll get the reply soon.


They will be able to set up the Hosting Account and order your domain at the same time, but propagation of the Domain name will take about 2 days, so the Xisto crew should have a temporary access for you.

Usually the access will be by a numerical DNS number.

You should be getting all that information in an email from Xisto - Support.


Domain registration isn't instant, so it will take longer. If you want immediate access I would have suggested getting a .trap17.com subdomain and then adding a .com domain in a different order.


why do people keep posting the same questions? when i ordered my plan, i was able to upload instantly. domain propagation took less than 24 hours. in fact, whenever i ordered ANY domain in the past, it ALWAYS took less than 24 hours. 48 hours must be the max time it takes. on average, it's been 12 hours for me(half a day)


thanks..... yeah i got the e-mail in almost 3 or 4 hours later getting the account details :)