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How Do You Change Hosts? Ive heard that its difficult, so I thought I might ask you g

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I would definitely read a lot of reviews of the host before going with them. There have been hosts I was with for 5+ months where everything went great for me and then I started having the same issues others had already written about prior.
One thing I can tell you for sure is most free sites are more than good enough for flat-file site hosting. The issues almost always come in when you are doing heavy PHP/SQL on your site (for example, forums or CMS's).

Both of those also have flat-file versions, so that's really not an issue.

So really it all boils down to what you want to use the host for:

1) Are you looking for something reliable? If so, don't use them.
2) Are you going to use a lot of PHP/SQL? If so, and the site is going to be *live*, it is not suggested to use them.
3) The domain/subdomain thing is not an issue at all. You can use CPanel to link up a domain you purchased elsewhere.
4) If you are just testing various things or are starting out fresh, I would suggest to use them for that purpose. Even with PHP/SQL, there aren't a lot of issues as long as there aren't many visitors.

Ah OK... well, the sites that they're hosting that people put up for showcasting does use Database AND CMSs. And it looks very good and pro too!!! :lol: A good host, I must say...

And OK... what's CPanel? Where do I get it? And how to I link it on to the hosting site?

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