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Renewing Domain Help needed please

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Today I opened my E mail to find a renew notice from CH for my domain name. No big deal I thought. So went to the link given and low and behold Bingo. There is nothing there of Mysents only Paypal, which I refuse to use being it's real money and not the mycents which I have worked so hard to get. Question is, will this renewal of my domain name echoofthunder.com be taken out of my mycents and I need not worry of this e mail or will I just have to do the PP Thing, which I really hate by the way.ThanksJohnI got it. should have asked around 1st. my bad. thank you though.


To all others that are looking to do this, you can submit a support ticket, or you can go to "My Domains". I believe there is an option somewhere in there for renewal.


so we need to pay for real money for a renew? or can we still use mycents? thanks


Akira, you can use either MyCENTs or real money for your hosting credits, it does not make any differents to which you use. :P


Akira, you can use either MyCENTs or real money for your hosting credits, it does not make any differents to which you use. :P

i mean in the domain.. hmm i thought it needs real money to renew it. thanks anyway

The Simpleton

For both hosting and domain registration, myCENTs/real money can be used, as per your choice. The option for this can be found in your xisto account, and auto-renewal options also can be found over there.


Auto-renew option is there in the "Portal Home > Client Area > My Domains" Also there is renewal option for hosting you'll get manual reminder from the staff. I didn't find any option for auto-renewal on Xisto - Support billing page. I guess adding funds or current mycents in your account should be enough to autorenew your account.


Even i've query that "Adding funds" works for auto-renewal of hosting & domain ? Or do we've to prepay for our hosting packages in advance so that when renewal date comes we don't have to rush and manually pay using mycents. I think if you've enough mycents then pre-paying for hosting/domain in advance should work.


yeah maybe if we have the right mycent it will automatically renew.. but how about if we don't want to renew it? i will just submit a ticket about it :P (the best way)


Oh I am really interested in this topic because I have a domain too and I want to have it without using Paypal because they don?t work with the honduran people because they said "It unconvenient to the company growth now".So can someome tell me if It?s posssible to renew the domain name without using Paypal and only using MyCents because this forum is the best thing that ever happened me because I had only used deficient free hosting services and now I am happy that ever.And other thing that I have been question is that If the Xisto Hosting delete your files if you don?t cover the invoice after the account is suspended. Please can someone answer this and post in this topic.Thank you.


1st off I am sorry for getting back in here with this reply so late. "PC Problems" Yes Mycents can be used to renew and yes I found the link.


Thanks for the information Echo. I'm getting close to where I need to renew as well and your first post made me worry that we were going to have to pay for renewals, :P.