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Hey guys, I'm Dom and i'm from the UK, i run several websites and that sorta thing, im an accomplished websited designer and know a smattering of PHP! :P


Hi, welcome to Xisto :P You got links to the sites you run so we can take a look at them? Always nice to see what designs and sites people have come up with.

Also, a couple of obligatory links: Check out the Xisto readme and the rules. All fairly basic, but just make sure you stay on the right side of them :)

If you want to get free hosting from Xisto then you will need to sign up for an account at the billing site using the same email address you used for your forum account. Once you've made 5 posts here then you will get credited with myCENTs, which you can spend on hosting and domains :P

Welcome to Xisto!


Hi dom. Welcome to Xisto. If you're here for webhosting and domain registrations then you should register at Xisto - Support.com/billing site. Use the same email address as that you used here for registration. This will help sync your account with billing section. And whenever you post here you'll earn mycent. And from these mycents you can buy top-level-domains, vps,shared or dedicated hosting. You've to spend a lot to get VPS/Dedicated hosting though. But you can spend some time for week and can get a domain + hosting for year using mycents. Hope to see you active on Xisto. And again, Welcome to Xisto!


Hey welcome to Xisto. The goal here is post for money! :P You need to register on Xisto Hosting with the same email as here; first to get your account. To earn myCENTS, the money unit here on the forums you need to do big and non-spammy posts. Once you get 100, they'll be converted onto real USD. As it's a real hosting company you can also pay with PayPal, creditcard, etc. Respect everyone here and be friendly and everyone will be friendly with ya!
Interesting Links:

- There's another completely free hosting called Qupis. It only offers 100mb space though, and it has slower servers. How does T17 give you Free Hosting?
-- How to order it??

- More about the CENTS system.

- Web Hosting FAQ

- Respect these Forum rules to the line!!!

And you can also get pre-sales questions, etc etc Over here on its category.
Have a nice stay Dom! :P


Welcome Buttons, I am also from the UK just like you, Spider-Vice has done a great job of getting your started with earning dollars by posting for a great & cheap hosting package or you can also buy a domain with the money. I hope you enjoy the Xisto website and forums as much as I did and still do.Stick around for a bit Dom eh?


heyy welcome to Xisto, the uk thats fun im from san diego, california :P prob never heard of it hahawhat kind of designing do you do? you should provide or give me some input as to what to do with my fansite http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ layout wise.welcome:P


XD Sorry i dissapeared :) Thanks for the welcome http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is returning an error for me though...


XD Sorry i dissapeared tongue.gif Thanks for the welcome http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is returning an error for me though...

Its alright, Its not problem we love fresh blood on Xisto. That website is also down for me. I am not to sure why, Try again later.


Hey welcome buttons, hope you enjoy it on Xisto. I've been meaning to get into php but havn't had the time yet. You should give a link to one of your sites!Yeah tried the link too http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/, definitely down at the moment. @gissellebebegirl San diego? that reminds of the movie "Anchorman" i reckon that must have been one of the most funniest films ive seen so far.