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Domain Auto Renew Problem

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Dear friends I have a domain name registered and its about to expire in january but over there in the control panel the following view is displayeduntitled.bmpIt shows that?Auto renew?Current Status: EnabledDoes it mean that I don't have to renew it manually it will be automatically renewed when the expiration date will be encountered. Please help hosted members with your answers. ?Thanking you all in advance.?


Well no need to worry about that if you want to renew your domain now. I haven't tested that Auto Renew feature. Auto Renew is enabled for my domain too. But I got mails that my domain is about to expire and told me to renew it. So, I just renewed my domain manually which will expire on Dec 25th. Now its period was extended to Dec 25th 2010. So if you want to renew that domain you can do it right now manually.Or if you don't want to renew that domain, just submit a support ticket to cancel your domain registration. They will cancel the Auto Renew of your domain.


I guess this means that if you have some money in your control panel the domain renew procedure should take use of them.


If you have enough MyCENT balance ($10) in your account, your domain will be automatically renewed. No need to worry, just keep posting.


I think with mycent or paypal or 2Checkout balance inside the Xisto - Support billing area. We can auto renew anytime. All you need to do is maintain balance for your domain and hosting. You can either post on forums to maintain that or you can put money from paypal for it.


Is there some discount or you need to pay exactly like buying domains ($10.9)? Anyway i am new here,and i owned my first domain about 3 weeks ago.So i am not here so much time and i do not all the things you did all the time :) Do someone saw or know some information about drive and errors and all that stuff? I only know that i need to have enough money to renew my domain (i do not need now,i will need for next year)...