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Just a question...how much does it cost? Can't seem to locate it on XistoBilling.comAnd...can someone give me a better explanation of the decade plan? What does it include, etc.?Thanks.


how much the domain costs?this depending on the domain name you want, either it is .com, .info, .net...ect.the last time i checked when i bought mine a few months ago, the .com was about 10$ and the others less than that. you can check that from your xisto as following:enter your xisto account> in the right side there's a "quick navigation" click on portal home> domain checker> choose a one and check the price and the availability and then order.about the decade plan, check it from this link http://forums.xisto.com/topic/71478-introducing-decade-plan-a-new-package-for-freshers-a-package-giving-the-basics-at-dead-cheap-price/


good luck.

The Simpleton

Just a quick note on the domains - I'm not sure if this works anymore, but it did for me last time - check the pricing of various domains on https://xisto.com/. Some of the TLDs have a discount for one year. For example, .info domains can be bought at $7.69 for the first year while the usual rate for a .info domain is $10.99. Be sure to check out the "SALE" prices on Xisto - Domains.com. If you buy a .info domain from Xisto - Support, you will be charged $10.99 at first, but the sale comes into effect and you get back the remaining amount. If that doesn't happen, send in a ticket mentioning this and you will get back the amount. As I said, I'm not sure about this, but just keep it in note. Most members look for .com domains anyway and they're priced at $10+tax which amounts to around $12.Regarding the decade plan, it's a very basic package and should be used if you're planning to build a simple site. If your site requires multiple databases you won't get it in this package (it has only one) and you won't be able to add any more domains to the hosting account. If you're content with the limited features then it's a very intelligent plan as you don't have to worry about anything for ten whole years :) So balance your requirements and the features the plan offers.