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Hi From Jwhiz

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Hello My username as Jwhiz as you can already tell, My first name is Jay I am currently looking into alot about websites such as designing, developing. You will soon find me in the graphics board. I hope to learn alot about Knowledgegesutra so far it seems like a wonderful community and that's all I want to say hope to get to know some of you individually.


Welcome to Xisto Jay! I'm sure if your into graphics and all that other computer stuff you have definatly come to the right place. We seem to have a lot of really talented folks here, I see some really cool signatures and other stuff here that I only wish I could make myself!


Hi!Welcome to Xisto! Good to have you join us here on this forum. there are a lot of graphic designers on the forum and a lot of them do a bit of web design and web development too. With the free web hosting provided by Xisto / Xisto, there is bound to be a lot of activity about building websites so you'll get to pick up quite a bit about web design and development. There are also tutorials posted on the forum authored by other members.BTW, your nickname, J-whiz, reminds me of the G-whiz. It is an electric vehicle built by a firm in Bangalore, India, named Reva and sold in India under the Reva name but sold internationally as the G-whiz. It is popular as a non-polluting vehicle because you simply plug it into the electrical outlet at home to charge it and then drive off to work in the morning. the problem with all electric vehicles is that they have a limited range so if you are planning a trip to the country side, you can't really go very far without ensuring that you have a place to recharge your batteries for a couple of hours.Anyway, since you're new to the forum, I thought I might also explain how the myCENTs credit system for ordering hosting works. When you post to the forum, you get credits in the form of myCENTs. Each myCENT is the equivalent of a real world cent. As you accumulate cents, you eventually get enough to order a web hosting package from the Xisto - Support and billing section. Hosting packages start from as low as $1.99 per month for the Linux based hosting that enables you to run PHP scripts and use a MySQL database. The price for a domain registration is roughly $13 and you can optionally get one of those for your website as well. If you do not really need a domain name, you can get a sub-domain with Xisto or Xisto and can still have your site hosted with Xisto / Xisto. To earn myCENTs you have to post to the forum and the basic idea is that the longer the post, the more the myCENTs you get paid. Do expect to put in a lot of time posting because the myCENTs take a while to come by.