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Domain Registration who is the cheapes domain registrar

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I like to register a domain name for my future company website, can anybody point out the cheapest domain registrar on the net? Thanks in advance


Use Godaddy.Com - while their domains aren't very cheap compared to some of the other services (they sell for around $7 per year) - their service is uncomparable and so is their control panel. You're given a terrific range of features to control your domain. I would highly recommend Godaddy to you - and I think so will others...Other than this, you can try YahooDomains also - they offer around $5 per year - but I've had serious problems with the domain I tried buying from them, ending up in the loss of the domain - I wouldn't recommend them at all. But if you want to play extra cheap, you can give them a shot.All the best :P


I use Godaddy for all my sites and think their service is great too. There is also “NetworkSolutions” https://www.networksolutions.com/index.jsp?bookmarked=c331ca233508646a63fbb3ba45ed.028


Thanks to you, godaddy.com seems to be very cool. Just registred my domain "globetrade-online.com" .I´ll going to host the site with Xisto - Web Hosting in the next couple of daysthanks againBlix


I have had good experiences with Domainguru.com

Good control panel, good redirection and forwarding

They are a reseller for ENOM serviices



I like to register a domain name for my future company website, can anybody point out the cheapest domain registrar on the net?


Thanks in advance



Depending on your needs, you might try joynic.com. You might find a better service (in fact, it would be very easy), but not a cheaper one because they offer domains for free. The only bad thing is that you cannot get the classical .com, .net or .org domains, you get your-domain.**.ttIn my case it was good enough: here at Catalunya (a region in Spain with our own government and language) we've been figthing to be able to have .cat domains... while this war goes on (and it seems it'll take very long), I was able to get a .ca.tt, which gets near and it's free. Even the ones at joynic put the 'ca' thinking on Canada, my visitors perfectly see it as a 'home-made' alternative for .cat :DHoping be useful,Herenvardö


I'm not sure about that the cheap domain registrar is not always good in terms of quality services and all time support.
But can refer you to a domain registrar who could always provide the best domain name according to your business name and excellent hosting services at much low cost that anyone can easily afford it.
You may check out this _ Domain Registration


i like 1&1.com i been using them for 3 years now never had any problems.


Godaddy always runs promos on holidays. You can expect promo on holidays like easter, st patrick, black friday and halloween. Sign up with them to get more advantage of their offers. I found 1$ promo very effective for atleast one year fees. You don't get such offers anywhere else. Xisto's domain registration costs 14$ for users in asia. So i've decided not to use them anymore. Slowly have to roll out the domain registration to some other company.