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I have found a good domain registerar who registers it for free.(By the way, it is easy to hack it and earn points fraudlently!) :D


Your post seems to have left a few thing out...Like a link, or perhaps at least a name, or do you just want others to know that you have found a site that registers domains free and that it is easy to alter to gain point for whatever you are supposed to gain them for?


It is myshost.com http://www.myshost.com/.
Its ok now?



It is myshost.com http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.

Its ok now?


hmmm .. seems they have no info about how much space, scripts etc .. and yes the forums link show me "Error 404 Missing" .. maybe a temp glitch .. but looking at the site and with all those google ads, i wouldent trust it enough.





Can't access that website. My beloved FireFox says: "Can't connect to the remote server". Anyway, for a free domain, you may want to check out this site (posting require).



It says you have to get 100 points to get a free domain but it doesn't show how to get the "100 points"?


They told everything clearly. You didn't read their article carefully enough.

Earning PointsYou can earn points by posting in and viewing threads on this forum. The amount of points you get for each post depends on the forum category you post in as follows;

Help, Suggestions & HostBidder.com Free Hosting Forums - 4 Points per Post
Webmaster, Hosting and Technical Support Forums - 10 Points per Post
General Forums - 4 Points per Post
Offers and Requests, Advertising Forums - 1 Point per Post

Please note that the points above are approximate values and are subject to change from time to time. Sometimes a particular forum within a category will award slightly different point values.

Please note our posting guidelines apply to the award of all points.


I've tried to go to myshost.com and sign up. Because I live in the UK, i don't have a zip code so i tried to put in my postal code :lol: , but it said you have to have a zip code :) . Whats the use in having Great Britain on the Countries menu? :lol:


Hey guys I just got a free domain from that service (still under registration process as ICANN or some-one take about 48 hrs to register my domain). And by the way "PureHeart" I found out why it does like this, it seems to be a very old site, which has been going under abuse and now the webmaster has blocked some asian contries IP add and other contries too. You can use Hide IP Platinum to change your IP address proxy and them view the webpage.