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Free Domain Registration Against 25 Forum Posts Register your domain for free at myshost.com

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Now you can register your domain for free at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. They require you to send 25 posts to their forums for this purpose.


Hey man, just check the spelling of that URL, I think its wrong. Mozilla Firefox says

Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.

* Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

For some good reason, I did a google on that and guess what the first result was from Xisto. Someone had posted something on this free registar before. Anyway my point is that, that domain name is either wrong or their server is down! :P


Whew.... this time, there's A LOT to talk about...


First of all, it's obvious from the username AND from the few posts that's been made so far by this user that he/she is simply here to advertise his/her Website. Of course, this is totally unethical, and, quite frankly, stupid.


Second of all, the first sentence I read when I visited that Website was this...


Now you can register your domain for free at MYS Host.com. This is a very unique offer that no one else in the world would offer you. Some of our competitors may offer you free web hosting if you buy a domain from them. Some others may offer to register your domain for free provided that you purchase a paid hosting package from them.

Of course, anyone who spent two days on any "online business"-related forum knows that this is a flat-out lie. There are MANY Websites that offer the exact same service (e.g. HostBidder.com)... the difference of course is usually how many posts a person has to make in order to get that free domain name.


Thirdly, at the very bottom of the site, the copyright notice shows that the Website has been online since some time in 2006. A quick WHOIS search revealed that the MYSHOST.com domain has been registered since july 2005, but was updated in January 2006, which I assume was when that Website actually started its offer.


Now I wonder, in the short four/five months since January, how could all the following happen (which is another quote from the Website's homepage)...


You might ask: Why do we require forums posting?


The answer is simple. First thing is to get more contents for advertisement. But the second and necessary thing is that unfortunately, there are some people who are happy by making others worried. When we started this service, many people started registering domains for no use. Some others tried registering all the domains because it is free for selling those domains later. This is not fair. So we have imposed the limit that everyone must post at least 20 posts and his/her domain will be registered.

Ah, ain't that lovely!


First, that Website's owner was (is?!) too much of an amateur to offer such a service TOTALLY FOR FREE, in the first place. And if that wasn't enough, we're supposed to believe that he/she managed to attract enough traffic to the Website in those past 4-5 months to do all those things the owner wrote on his/her Website.


But if ALL THAT wasn't enough for you, just take a look at the Website itself... it's HIGHLY unprofessional, almost completely untrustworthy, and the visual style itself borders on being appalling!


Well, I really don't know what I bothered to write all this since anyone who visits that website will probably get the same impression. Heck, I might even join to get a free domain name. But I think that would be a VERY stupid move... dealing with an entity that's so obviously NON business-oriented can really cause trouble. The least of which might be losing the free domain name one might get!





Anyway my point is that, that domain name is either wrong or their server is down! :P

I think it's probably something from your side, ganeshn11, since it worked just fine for me ;).


And oh, by the way, if anyone's interested, you might want to take a quick look at the forum. It's practically empty. There's only ONE post, made by the administrator him/herself. AND there are only two registered users, one of them if, naturally, the admin.


My first guess would be that this forum has been up for less than a week. So how is it possible that on the homepage of the Website it says that many people have abused the free domain name offer? Did the owner DELETE then RECREATE the whole forum? Right, THAT's professional!!





The site doesn't even let you apply for a domain! Click on the "3. Ask for registration by clicking here" link a few times, and you'll see that it's a randomly generated page with ads. And as Transcendum has mentioned, the forum in completely empty, except for the only one post, which is the FAQ. It's got 27 sections, which is waaay too many for a new forum.


But I wonder why there aren't any noobs who fell for this. Maybe it's because the admin deleted the evidence? :o


Edit: Whoa, I just discovered something. The FAQ post was posted on Feburary 22, 2006, yet the admin joined on May 5, 2006...


Hey guys that site does'nt seem to open for me, whats the problem with that already proven dum site, curse it.


I just visited http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ but there's nothing like getting free domain name or free web hosting. The regstration form link takes you to some other irrelevant page. The forums their are empty with only two registered members. If they had been providing free web hosting with credits as the criteria for activating an account then it would not have been that way.In the end, I just want to say that Xisto rocks.Regards.


I am assuming that this site is new and slowly emmerging. It has still 2 users and NO posts. Leme know if any one gives it a try and actually gets a free domain lol.RegardsDhanesh.


I am trying it...My username is cherri.Its hard to post, no topics are there alreadyI'll try alot ot things....The sites been up for 5 days so.... :P Doent seem like a busniss... yet but it may become....


25 posts aren't hard to get, so you can quickly see wheater the service really is good or not. I doubt it, but who know. Nevertheless, there must be some catch.We'll just wait here, and you tell us when you get a free domain name :P


Guys I just got a freedomain name from them (actuall the admin just registered the domain, it may take from anyware 24hrs to 7 days). The site now has a 7 members with nearly 85 posts.


And best of all I became a mod there :D. Had a few converstaions with the admin, seems to be a nice and genuine guy. Hope fully he is till he gets my domain name. I also have to check how long and how reliable hosting he has got and by the way they are'nt offering free web hosting now, he says he will soon.


And by the way I found out why the site does not open for every body, it seems to be a very old site, which has been going under abuse and now the webmaster has blocked some asian contries IP address and other contries too.


You can use Hide IP Platinum to change your IP address proxy and them view the webpage.


Now the service requires 75 posts...Yes, the layout and color scheme is VERY unprofessional.Astahost is several times better.Besides, I could never leave Xisto or "cheat" on it...It's like my home.


Hey I cannot see the site.. does it exist


what is this error :
The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

The following error was encountered:

* Connection Failed

The system returned:

(60) Operation timed out

The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

Your cache administrator is webmaster.
Generated Wed, 10 Mar 2004 04:49:50 GMT by data.shooka.net (squid/2.5.STABLE11)


I was hoping that this entry was genuine but ... I guess no free domains :P