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Domain Registration Who do you use?

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There are so many different places where you can register a domain name. I was just curious who everyone uses and how much per year do you pay for it? Also if you feel like it, leave a rating for everyone else on the forums to take into account.I personally use FortuneCity.com and they're rates are $8.95/year.I think they are an average domain registrar. They have good technical support and I haven't had any billing problems with them. I've been with them for the past couple years. They'll send out reminders when your domain is about to expire, but maybe that is standard among companies like this.They user interface for their account access is pretty user friendly. It is easy to get around the site and find what you are looking for. Their rates aren't that great. I know that GoDaddy.com has great prices for domain registration, but every now and then they'll have specials and all.I give FortuneCity a 7/10.


A great many users would agree that GoDaddy.com is one of the more recognised and trusted web companies specialising in domain and hosting services. At times, they come up with great deals and offers. The UI is decent and it's rare to experience downtimes.

Highly recommended. 8/10


yeah i use godaddy and i agree that they are the best, they have a real good range of names to choose from and they also offer webhosting and dedicated servers etc, i think last time i checked it was about $9 a year for a domain but you can rest assured that you are getting very high quality service. From what i've heard they are the most reliable too so you should have the name up and running 24/7i would rate it 10/10-HellFire


I heard somewhere that GoDaddy hosting is really r-e-a-l-l-y slow... Can anyone back up this claim who has used their hosting service? Also you'd think being a registrar they'd have a better domain. :D


I used to register domains through NetworkSolutions, but currently work exclusively with GoDaddy. I was primarily attracted to their services because of the low, low prices. The mass publicity and media hype helped, too, of course. I believe GoDaddy is the largest volume domain registrar at the moment; and with such a large customer base and growing popularity, this must at least say something about its price:quality ratio (of course, there are notable exceptions, such as Microsoft, but domain registration is not an easily monopolizable business).I have so far have had no problems with GoDaddy, and I hope it remains that way. I had no problems with NetworkSolutions either, but they were markedly more expensive. GoDaddy also offers additional bonus features (e.g., e-mail, web page parking, quick blog, etc.) that are not available with the standard registration of most other domain registrars.I cannot comment on the speed of their web hosting, because I have never used them for hosting. I mean, there is a great--and free--service in Xisto, so why would I pay GoDaddy for hosting?


Well, I, so much like everyone else here, use GoDaddy for my domain registration services. Not that I've registered that many domains in my lifetime, but I've registered two, and had no problems with either. The one I'm currently using (the other one expired a long time ago) is set to use my free Xisto account, so I'm really getting a great deal. I know I may find cheaper domains around, but I'd rather pay a few more bucks and make sure I'm buying from a reliable and big company.


As so many users here are recommending GoDaddy, I'd also like to chip in again with an added incentive - a 10% off discount code.


Chris Pirillo, a leading techie and part of the fabled LockerGnome group of sites has just started a comic strip called BLaugh. This is in turn sponsored in part by GoDaddy which is offering this 10% discount code to readers. No need to subscribe or give out your email. Just enter the code bLaugh at the GoDaddy checkout screen to avail of the savings.


I became an authorized reseller through tucows opensrs.So in effect I purchase them from myself.


Go Daddy, also yahoo.. and those two are pretty much for me.. I havent had the need to try different places...but since we are on domains, how to i sell my domain and turn it over to someone else. my account is paid up too a yuear right now with about 7 months left.. but i have no need for it and i want to sell it.. how do we go about doing this..


You need to use a service that will sell your domain for you, such as https://sedo.com/us/. You need to point your domain name to their nameservers - after that, your domain will point to a single page with ads, also saying that "the domain name is for sale". You get money when people click on those ads, and that sum is added to the amount a person pays for your domain. I know they support PayPal, but am not sure of any other alternatives.


I know the site you can use free domain. Go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ dont you try this? It is free and short. "yoursitename.co.nr" This is :) good to you.

lorenza pietersen

Hello everyone,

Are there more people who are using a free domainname at this moment? And which is the best one except
http://www.freedomain.pro/ of course?


I know the site you can use free domain. Go to http://www.freedomain.pro/Why dont you try this? It is free and short. "yoursitename.co.nr"
This is :) good to you.


I got a .be free domain a year ago, it was with ovh.com (French site). Now I want to renew it, but they don't accept Paypal or e-gold, only credit cards... It's really frustrating, and I'm looking for a new place to transfer it. Does any of you know a registrar that accepts e-gold?----------------Some days later... I finally found some great sites to register domains. One of them is gem3.com, where you can register a domain with Paypal even if you don't have a credit card associated to your Paypal account. That is a great help as most places like Godaddy ask for a merchant agreement to pay with Paypal and you are forced to add a credit card if you haven't done so, else you can't continue the transaction... Here at gem3 I asked for a domain, paid for it and in a few hours I got an email from them telling me it was all set up. The cost for each domain is $9, and although it's a bit higher than godaddy for example, it gives you the facility to pay this way. So for some it's this or nothing...I also find another great site, registerfly.com, far better than the previous one. You can add money to your registerfly account via many methods, including Paypal ( it doesn't matter if verified or not), e-gold, moneybookers, credit cards and google checkout. Then with the money on your account, you can spend it on domains, hosting, or other services. Each domain registration is $10 but it includes free Privacy whois, that most registrars charge $9, and even 1GB for your site. So I would give registerfly a 9/10


i recomend godaddy.com but micro.com is pretty good.the most important about web doamin and host is must be-cheap-has fantastico fiture-don't use web host that often got down beacuse it can make our visitor decrease and leave our site


I use 2 diffrent domain companys i use and GoDaddy.com and Yahoo domains they all have been good and i reccomend them all they are the best domain company i have been with