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Those of you not in the US, say you live in Kadoka, SD, USA. It's a little town in the middle of nowhere, but it exists...

Don't they verify this from your IP ? Or do you have a way of choosing your IP so that it says you'r Kadoka, SD, USA ?


Well I did my service to the site, made sure I had all the right info in my profile was able to get up enough points to buy a domain. I sent the request and the next day I was banned... Though it was a slight over site so I decided to contact customer support, "they could help I though to myself" boy was I wrong...




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If it doesn't load see the pic above, it our chat conversation...



Domainlagoon.com - Free Domain Registration!


I joined domain lagoon, easy registration but still havent received any offers to complete! lol I'm waiting in hope...


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The mechanism behind such as site is that when you complete offers, Domainlagoon receives advertising payment from the sponsoring businesses, with part of the income used to purchase domain names for users. Another similar site to this one is Eyrewards, for which I know someone who has successful claimed a free domain and is a moderator there.


Why? there about £5 to buy with paypal, all you need is a debit card and yo can get one at 13 years, I bought one 2 days ago with Xisto - Web Hosting domains, just waiting for the payment to clear and I have a domain.


Does it work correctly? Are there any problems with DNS and things like that? I'm interested in receiving a free domain, it would be a lot better than paying >$7.


I signed up at DomainLagoon for out of curiosity and I was a tad bored. I used a real email address and everything. (A yahoo account I keep for the sake of places I know will spam me to death.) I did one of the "offers" and after a week the points never showed on my account. Thus from my very small experience I would say don't bother with it.



Domainlagoon.com - Free Domain Registration!


Domain Lagoon is great - my previous opinion has been answered, I have completed lots of offers and got lots of credits, already got one free domain - http://www.mofreeze.com/ (url forwarding) and have enough credits for another website, still thinking of a good name...


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