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I'm designing a webpage for a friend and he wants a domain name along with email to go with that .com account. He doesn't mind paying for it. My question is if anyone knows of a good registration place with email?


i can add the domain to mine (addon domain) but your friend will still need to pay for it.

i will also give him a .com addon domain.

PM me if you are interested


Please give me some good reputations


odomike, I don't think you quite understand what a top-level domain is.grrlfromoz, I'm assuming by 'with email' you mean you can set up an account for say, yourname@yourname.com. Such features are generally host-dependent, more than registrar-dependant. Trap 17 supports this usage of email, regardless of where the domain is registered, provided that you park it here.


ok thanks for the correction sauron. but assuming i am to add his friend's domain to my own, can his friend also have emails with the format: hisname@hisname.com and not hisname@myname.com. it is possible?Please give me some good Reputations


try godaddy.com they are the largest domain registratorgood luckif using paypal use namecheap.com


you can also go to

register.com and look if the domain is still availible


I think idotz.net is great... My domain is with them.


go to http://www.register.com/;   and register there

thats what i said! :D
register is also easy if you want to see
if your domain is still availible


thats ok wassie. but, does anyone here know about any domain registrar that registers domains for free? (i think that will be highly improbable though)


you can get email forwarding with a domain for peanuts. damn, you can even get it for free but not with a .com extension unfortunately. has nobody heard of google?there are only a few 'free' domain hosts out there and they are mostly subdomain hosts.