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Google And Hostgator Offering Free Domain Name And Hosting To Small Business

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Just found out about the new offer that hostgator and google is putting out for the small business owners. I don't know what is their intention behind this offer. But it seems to me that they're interested in getting small business in india to the world wide web with this offer. They're offering free domain name, hosting and free adwords voucher to the users of hostgator. I don't know how long this offer is going to last but if you're small business owner or employee then try to see if you can get your business under this offer. It won't be free forever with both domain and hosting. Sooner or later you are going to pay for the service. But till then you can get more exposure for your service. I found out that it is good offer despite their intentions. So what's the offer ? They have a target of 500,000 small business hosting and domain name and adwords voucher distribution. They're offering .in domain name for the customers for free during their free period. Mind you, .in domain name is costly and when you renew it's going to cost you more than .com or .net domains. Either way renewals are going to cost you for sure. Small business owners are also going to get google apps for small business for free for first year. If they have less users in the system then the offer remains pretty much free even after the period for google apps. Adwords voucher of about 2500RS is also going in the giveaway. Though there are hardly any benefits anymore for adwords, but you can still drive some traffic using adwords. This looks like a good offer for those who want to use Google adwords and the apps for their business. As indian small business percentages are above 8 Million, i don't know how many are going to pick this offer. Anyway, hope this helps to all those who want to try adwords for their website.


very interesting... does google have any hosting services yet? free? gmail is quite a success, would be awesome to have an email account merged with a hosting service


I remember I used to use google pages, it's not a hosting service, but you can create a fancy website quite easy, as I know all was merged with Google Sites.

Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.


But it's not a hosting service like asthasot here :unsure:


Gmail does't have self hosted program and the data remains on the google harddisk. So it's not hosting service from google. But for business users they offer postini service which is paid and requires seperate registration and all that stuff. Google offers blog hosting with blogger and also allows domain registration and mapping to their system. Also they have technical support for blogger blogs and they're quite active too. I think sites is another division of google for the static sites. Most likely they've domain plans too for the service. I guess by allowing app users to use google sites, they may offer similar service.

As for the current offer which is listed on this page. I can only think of some benefits of this offers. Like limited period domain and hosting. Also there is adwords which you can use for the early traffic. I don't know how it is going to benefit there after. But for starters this offer does sound good.


interesting, thanks for the share.... but why only india? hopefullly it's a start that will eventually reach out to other parts of the globe


This offer seems to be from hostgator and google india adwords division. So that is why this is regional specific. Also Asian countries are doing fine in the market as of now. There is not much of euro recession stuff going on over here. So i guess google is bringing the money out of indian market with adwords ads and other stuff. My thinking is that they want more members or customers for the hostgator and the adwords ads. That way both hostgator and google is going to benefit. In control panel for hostgator there seems to be voucher of 100$ google adwords, 50$ bing and 25$ Yahoo ads voucher. So definitely they're into this for some ads and money. Otherwise one year of hosting costs a lot if there are more numbers in the hosting for shared customers. In case of small business they have more static sites so only bandwidth is used and not space, so hostgator can afford it. I think similar offer was running in canada, uk earlier, so it is obvious they're now thinking about other countries. Not sure if you have hostgator around your place. If they're there then surely they'll throw some offer from which you can use adwords ads for free for your site.